Dear Diary, Travelling onwards. journeying within…

It’s nearly exactly seven years since Anadi and I first met…

On December 6th 2012 I made my way to north London to be interviewed by him about my running as a meditation…

Exactly one year later we set off as nomads having shed everything we owned except the essentials we could carry…
For six years we journeyed, until now, when we find ourselves living in London….!

Three things I discovered whilst being a nomad…
1) I love the UK more than anywhere in the world
2) I love the changing seasons
3) I love having a washing machine!
I think I already knew all these things šŸ™‚

I do love to journey – I like moving whilst being still inside – journeying within…
I love journeying anywhere- even on the tube…
These were my reflections on the Piccadilly line yesterday …

‘Staying present, everywhere, witnessing, watching self in motion, expressing through a body a mind . Yoga as life love in motion, through the space beyond body and mind.
Yoga – union with God beyond body mind .
Body mind union allowing the connection to theĀ  silence – and so to express from this space – the truth of who we are.
Always clearing tension so we live in the space beyond… Free to experience life beyond the duality of yin and yang, where the tide is always coming in and always going out again
And so life can becomes an Asana – an opportunity to feel to notice and so the clear the tension
And live in silence

I am writing this on a packed tube from Leicester Square to Earl’s Court. It is hot here and very crowded.
All of us together journeying together
But separate,
Separate sparks of the same energy.
All One
All connected at the source.
And so we journey on an underground train to no where…
Where are we going?
No where.
If we journey within and stay present in the heat of the tube, too many clothes and too many people.
If we journey inwards and listen to our breath we are immediately connected to the infinite stateĀ  of consciousness and the core of humanity pulsing with life and possibility.

In every moment all we need do is come back to the breath.
Breathe in breathe out and find the silence at the top and bottom of each breath.

In this space we can experience our true nature, and any time we are triggered and find ourselves clinging to the past, or anxious about an imagined future all we need do is breathe in and out and be silent.

And then life becomes an opportunity to experience ourselves in every moment.

I am journeying to Earl’s court and then to Fulham Broadway and then I will walk to meet Anadi .

I love seeing him, and every time we meet It is like I haven’t seen him for a long long time and I am joyous in his presence.