About Julia Chi

All my life I have been aware of the practice of wiping the dust from the mirror.

The art of clearing.

Julia Chi Taylor

I was eight years old when it first became apparent to me the opportunity that being alive leant me in terms of evolution and growth.

The possibility to know my self, and know there is no self.

To experience the silence, freedom.

I had listened to the vicar in church explain about the spiritual journey, represented by the serpent with its tail in its mouth.

The journey through darkness to light, and I recognised then that this journey was an inner one.

To clear all that had been created over lifetimes and had taken me away from the expression of myself from silence, from consciousness, from unconditional love.

I recognised the work to be done; and very early on I saw that if I were horrible to anyone, or reactive that it was worse now, because I knew what I was doing.

And so I set off.

I have never looked back, and the path has required self-discipline and presence in every moment, but it has always been worth it.

One of the constant themes in my life has been running. I felt at times that I had been ‘born to run’, although as I traveled the running path I saw that I was running to become…

More free.

The other constant has been teaching others. Ever since I was a teenager people have been seeking my guidance.

And I have always loved to write.

I decided today that I would create a new blog and as I arrived back to my flat a huge spider crossed my path.

I looked up spider totem and it told me that spiders can teach us how to write creatively.

To weave magic with the written word…