Dear Diary, To thine own self be true

I met Anadi’s landlord the other night.

He is a retired doctor, with special healing powers. His eyes are bright, clear, warm with the ability to see into a person.

He looked right into me as we spoke, and suddenly he said ‘Julia you are working in the night, you are are helping people when you are asleep as well as when you are awake…’ 

‘I know I am’, I said… I was told this many years ago.. I was 34 years old and I went to visit a medium. Her name was Theresa and she lived in St Leonards – on – sea. She worked with a spirit guide who spoke through her.

I sat with her and she closed her eyes, then she gulped and went into a trance… Immediately another voice came through her and spoke to me for an hour.

The one who spoke through her – a voice that was neither man nor woman – told me that I had incarnated on earth to heal people… The main thing this spirit cautioned me though was not to rush… ‘Things of the spirit happen in their own time’, this voice, who felt like a he to me, said…

He told me I would always be protected, and that there would always be a stream of people to my door seeking wholeness, and that my work was simply to keep clearing the channel, to be the clearest reflection I could possibly be for others to see themselves… To know themselves, to see who they truly are.

My work was to heal myself.. “Healer heal thyself’ this must be my watchword always.

That I must always seek to know my self, my true self.

And then he said, ‘You work with souls during the day, but you also work in your sleep state…You teach and heal souls all through the night…’

I left with all that had been said resonating deeply within me…Words that had rung in my ears from a very young age, were confirmed… ‘To thine own self be true’, my father said to us – he said it often

‘To thine own self be true’.

And this is all that is required that we are true to who we truly are, that we clear in every moment any reactivity or projection of judgement that is coming from our wounded self, our adapted self, the self that we so often believe we are.

The ego, the mind, the created self.

And in clearing and clearing we will connect to the silence within us, the self that is the no self.

And if we listen to this voice, if we listen – and then act from this place – a whole new experience opens up free from the samsara, the duality, the yin and yang, the pain and sorrow – the swings of light and dark in this human experience of polarity.

Instead we can experience the kingdom of heaven on earth.

For his place is within us.

The silence in the breath


Our true self.

I am often aware of working in my sleep…I wake up knowing I have been speaking, sharing with others.

Sometimes I have more vivid experiences. I once spoke to a couple who contacted me, because they wanted to do some work together on their relationship with me. They were geographically apart and so I spoke on the phone to one and then the other.

That night I dreamed that we were all sitting together around a table, talking and working things out.

When we all met the next day, they were exactly as they had been in my dream….