Dear Diary; The Universe is Within

The universe is within not without

The reflection you see is you, your inner energy, your inner tapestry, your lifetimes of craftwork

There you are on the outside – so look within.

There are no messages from the outside, they are within – and there you see them in front of you …

Take note of your own messages to you, your own weaving work; it is all you.

This is certain

And so be still

Be silent 

Stop and listen to the beating of your heart, the voice within.

Your unconscious mind so often in charge, repeating its programming again and again

Stop – stand still – witness and be aware.

What is occurring?

It’s all to do with you

And if you are silent, still – there is space, there is peace, there is all the time in the world to remember who you truly are…

Infinite awareness.

You are not your mind, conscious or unconscious…

Or this body that walks and talks and lives and breathes.

You are the silence between the breath, infinite awareness, infinite love.

Be still

Know this

And in the silence you become the master of your mind; not it of you.

Be aware in any moment, of the habits the patterns the habitual thoughts… 

Stay silent and witness the abundance the opportunity for you to paint the picture you desire, the fun you’d like to have… 

The experiences here you’d like to enjoy.

You are the master of your body and your mind

It is not the other way round.

The universe and all there is is within you, your infinite nature of love eternal.

And you can experience this

Here and now