Dear Diary, I’m 6 miles high

I love journeying to nowhere.

Travelling on a plane or a train, with a the sense of no where to go and nothing to do.

A sense of purpose in not going anywhere…

Even when there is a destination ahead, it allows the moment to shimmer in its glorious essence and for the ‘not knowing’ to be fully experienced.

The journey of life going nowhere, only inward to truth. 

The inner journey asks that we become at ease with the unease of uncertainty; to become certain that in each moment we have all there is to step into the new unknown next moment.

Often we might stay trapped in patterns, even those we don’t like much, because they are familiar, known, uncomfortably comfortable.

But the new is unknown… And this is its gift, its expansion, its limitlessness…

And so once again, I find myself writing on a plane , six miles high, enjoying the in between land… But journeying to Edinburgh is an up and down voyage, no sooner have we set off, that it seems preparations to land are in action…

My brother suggested when I told him of my love of journeying, my enjoyment of the in between world of one moment, time suspended – that I take the train to Edinburgh – longer to be in that space, to feel tangibly the essence of the words the Buddha spake

3000 possibilities in each moment, the potential in every moment for the past to heal and for the future to be new.

I believe my brother is right, another time, I will journey by train, and watch the countryside flash by for mile after mile, while I stay still.