Dear Diary, Look within

I remember how helpful I found it when I was first shown how when we point a finger at someone – the other three point straight back at us!

Those three fingers are the ones that we must immediately become more interested in than the pointy one –  if we are to be free…

Free of projection, free from the hurt inside us from which the finger is pointing


It takes practise. It IS a practise to always remember to examine first our own process… Where is our vision clouded? Where are we seeing through the filter of our own story? Our own wounds – the self that is of the mind, rather than of our essence?

Our truth

Our silence

When we start to point and say… ‘He did’ ‘she did’ ‘he always’ ‘she always…’ ‘Did you see that’?

Then it is the time to look where those other three fingers are pointing – straight back at us…

I love being surrounded by people… I like people very much – their essence, their energy – meeting along the way, as we travel our earthly path together.
We encounter one another in every moment; on buses, trains, planes, coffee shops, restaurants – and in the street, out in the countryside – up mountains, by the sea…

We meet ourselves in the souls of others, who are reflecting back both our hurt to clear – and deeper than that – our essence, our one ness.
If we care to look
At the other
Our self
Namaste – I honour the part in me that is the part in you.

When I was young – in my 20’s – I yearned to retreat, to withdraw from the challenges of living in society.

The possibility of ‘getting it wrong’, seemed to present itself at every turn.
But I learnt that ‘getting it wrong’, is how we learn, how we heal and grow…
How we get it right.
Only to discover that there is no right or wrong
Way – after all.
Only the journey within.

I intuitively knew that my spiritual path must be along the rough and tumble of my life.
This is where I would learn to love…
And others.

And so I stayed in society and lived fully!
And I made so many mistakes!

But the road less travelled has always lead me back to my self
In every moment – as long as whenever I felt to point my finger I followed the other three back to within

To find silence