Dear Diary, Day 1

I feel very glad to be starting a diary blog again…

I kept a daily diary from the age of 14 to 22 and have since then written blogs and books and scribbled in notebooks.

And so here I am turning up again on my road less travelled, to share some of the steps I take towards freedom.

Which is our birthright, it is there for each and every one of us, and the keys lie within.

Because the freedom is within and when we find the keys we discover that the door to our cage was never locked.

It has been open all the time and all we had to do was spread our wings and fly.

But to fly free and light we must first let go of all that is heavy inside, all we believe to be who we are, all the stuff if our life – of lifetimes.

The story of our life can be charged with energy and reactivity and attachment to the hurts.

Which means that the past crowds into the present and our future…

But when we decide the time has come let go, to surrender then we can start to remember who we truly are….

I ran in the rainy grey sky along the grey river to the park, wet damp with dripping trees and sodden grass, shiny roads. The whizz of bikes and the pad of running feet.

This park that I raced races around many times, many years ago.

A track I once trained on as a ‘twenty-something’ full of ambition and burning zeal.

And today I find myself here again.

The burning zeal and ambition have left.

They left when they were done, when they were ready.

I let them go again and again, surrendered to the silence, felt free – for a while – but then back they always came, and so I followed their energy to feel it, to experience it – to see where it took me, to discover, running to learn…

What I needed to let go of, what I needed to clear, to surrender…

And then one day it seemed they were gone – I was left with the step.

Just the one

And the next

Revealing the path.