The Path we are Walking

We walked and walked, all day long.

All along the river Thames, where the rowers rowed and the swans swam – the surface was like grey blue glass at times, and at others choppy rough after the river boats had passed – and then the swans swayed on the wake of the waves they made.

We walked along its Southside edge past all the Bridges – Putney, Hammersmith and on to Barnes.

Where we crossed over, and walked back along the other side…

At times I love to walk instead of run – it has a different rhythm – and it’s where it all began

My love of the journey without end.

Walking our yellow Labrador when I was just ten years old – for hours on the common land I was later to run on.

In the beginning I rode horses there and walked for hours.

The journey the purpose, without purpose is what I loved

Stopping for chocolate and lucozade in the next little town on the edge of the common…

Today it was breakfast and then some hours later – lunch in a pub!

And so a whole day passed from dawn (well 10am!) til dusk – the light fell away as we neared Putney Bridge again, which was lit up bright with the red buses atop.

A London sight

I love 

Anadi and I have walked together all over the planet.

‘It feels the same as when we were nomads’ I commented..

‘When we walked and talked for hours on end…’

Up pitons in St Lucia, along white gold beaches in Costa Rica – other days following the river where the crocodiles basked – and in the jungle and along the beaches of Thailand too

We walked

More walking than running – in those tropical lands 

And we walked for hours too in the Atlas Mountains (once for thirteen hours – we were very lost!) and in the Alpujarras, up high above the little white villages below.

I love the no purpose of walking

The meditation on the move

Each step gone and the next revealing the path we are walking.