We are One

During the summer months Anadi and I ran through the streets from Chelsea over to little Italy and onto the Regents canal path – running for miles beside it eventually arriving right by London Bridge.

A magical mystery tour through so many different ‘post codes’ with such different energies and character.

But always we were attracted to a restaurant that is built on a bridge over the canal

We saw diners spilling in and out of it and we were rather sad to be only passing by, rather than sitting and watching the water – whilst taking a coffee and enjoying brunch…

But last weekend the plans all changed, my knee still sore meant that walking felt a better plan than running…

So we walked there, to our mystery cafe over the canal and entered inside the set we had watched as the audience for months

We became the actors in this particular scene rather than watching from our seats. We played our parts and learnt our lines and sat watching those watching us

And so it is, we are all playing a part

And it is so important nt to get so caught up in our part that we forget we are the whole

We are all born of the one consciousness and we are the whole world, we are everything there is and ever has been and who we ‘think we are’ is simply the clothes we have donned for this experience… The colour of our skin, our gender where we were born, what we do, none of this should divide us from one another.

It is but an experience to be here – and when we honour one another’s unique experiences and validate the differences then we are united 

And remember that we are one.

There is so much more than what the five senses can perceive or the mind can conceive…

And when we play with this in our daily lives – witnessing the parts we play, the role we take up at various times, when we are audience or participant  – it can help to shake loose the bonds of ‘so called’ reality 

And remember that we are free.