Dear Diary, Zen Training

Last Friday I padded into the Park. It was still dark –  a bit rainy too – I used the torch from my phone to light my way.
All life’s essentials seem to reside within this  little slim oblong box…
Mine is sparkly pink!

Richmond park where brown deer roam and shiny bikes flash by.
The hum of traffic the backdrop to the oak and chestnut standing strong and present.
Urban parkland wildlife beauty.
As I rounded a bend five deer filed across the road in front of me – at the same exact moment  a car appeared lighting the magnificent beasts in their bright headlight glare.

6.30am Friday morning.
Zen training day at the Richmond harbour hotel had dawned
A few of my clients had mentioned they would like to work with other clients of mine for a whole day long.
The idea was born… and it grew wings.

And so it came to pass that ten of us met in the Parkland meeting room at 9am on Friday the thirteenth of December…The room had been laid out for a business meeting, so with a bit of chair shuffling and shifting about our room opened up…
Being fully present
Here now
Beyond the duality
In the gap between thought
The silence at the top and bottom of every breath that we take

And now the ‘business meeting’ emanated sounds of
Hara breathing
Music for kundalini shaking and dancing
The sound of Om – on and on- Ommmm…
As one voice was fading another was beginning reverberating around the room
Safe space for sharing clearing
All One

Certain areas seem to draw me back again and again
Or rather certain landscapes – places that must in some way reflect my inner landscape and so resonate – I have found myself re visiting over many decades…
The universe is within us
So within so without
Everything reflecting our inner state

‘Be the change you want to see in the world…’

I first journeyed to Richmond Park when I was twenty one years old.
Running around the circumference then was different to now; it meant finding our own route through the natural wilds…

Now a perfect gravel track opens up in front of us, leading the way around…


The path of life also feels smoother for me now than then.

When I was twenty one!