Dear Diary; Part of History

My sister Rosy was having a clear out

She got stopped in her tracks by a photo album of us when we were little

She sent me photos of the two of us with our mother and father – a couple of us out walking on the Jurassic coast near Golden Cap, one of us feeding the pigeons at Trafalgar Square… Me as a baby, sitting between my parents on the beach in Freetown West Africa where I was born.

Images of who we once were

Another life

So many lives lived even in one lifetime

A day later Anadi and I were on one of our Sunday adventures and I suggested a different route to usual… We were in St James park… ‘Let’s go along to the embankment’

Suddenly we found ourselves in Birdcage Walk right outside ‘The Institution of Civil Engineers”

‘Oh Wow’! I exclaimed…’This is where Daddy worked! He was the director of training and Education – he used to sometimes bring us here when we were little…’

I haven’t been to that  building for years and years and years – and then just ‘by chance’ I brought Anadi and I here on our run about, the day after I’d been looking at photos of that era…

The energetic play out of life is magical… No coincidences; energy vibrating and resonating and playing out on our own stage 

Bringing old photos to life

And so we ran on to Trafalgar Square too; where Rosy and I fed the pigeons

It never happened


And it’s all happening 


And if we close eyes it all disappears and there is no thing at all

Just the Silence 

The stillness

Deep within our Being 

The eternal unchanging aspect, always there, even as the scenes of life come and go

The people are born and then die

The photos become faded and yellow – in the end no one at all will know who the two little girls with the pigeons all about them are or were…

All gone

I showed the pigeon photo to my young twenty something client  – I had just received them when she arrived for a session

‘Oh wow, black and white’ she commented…

‘Yes, I’m part of history’ I laughed…

Part of an era that is no more

I don’t exist then, any more