Julia Chi Taylor19:04 (2 minutes ago)
to me

It was April 2020 and we were in ‘lockdown’ in the UK and Josie, one of my fabulous clients asked me if I would do a Satsang.

I said I would!

And so I met with twenty five others on Zoom. 

Here is the Satsang I gave and the introduction to the chanting that we did together after it. But not the actual chanting. 

We also had Q and A but I haven’t included that as I didn’t want to broadcast all the people who may not want to be seen!

Here is the beginning of the talk transcribed…

A Satsang is a gathering and it’s of a spiritual nature, and a true nature. 

It’s a gathering of true people and so all of you gathered here today are true people. 

What does it mean to be a true person? 

It means that in any single given situation, whatever the circumstances – the true persons stay centred at all times….

A true person is conscious and aware and present in every single moment – whatever is going on – and doesn’t project any distress, any tension, any fear  – or anything they might be feeling with what is occurring within them onto the outer realms…

Lockdown and the unstable state of affairs all around asks that those committed to a spiritual path commit at an even deeper level to staying present and mindful in each moment and remembering they are spiritual beings, born of infinite love, on a human journey.