Let go and Live

Julia Chi Taylor

Letting go of all we don’t need frees us to fully live – here in this incredible paradigm.

Free from tension

Free from fear

As our true self,

Living in the moment and the next and the next and the next

As awareness 

We are awareness

The overriding desire of the individual is to return to our Self.

We all want to ‘Be happy’ – Feel happy’

And for years – lifetimes  even – we seek this outside ourselves in the form of our achievements, our accomplishments, our relationships…

The initial feelings of joy, when we ‘get’ these things, eventually fades away and is often replaced by more yearning and wanting – for more.

The yearning we feel within us to fall in love, to be seen, to be successful is truly a yearning to let go of the ‘wanting’ – and to return home to our true self – the peace within us, the stillness, the silence from which all flows.

When let go of yearning and the tension that comes with that, we can discover again our true nature

From this place the external  experiences, relationships and all we ‘do’ and ‘have’ and ‘are’ -reflects this inner ease, and the enjoyment of the external becomes part of the ease within.

In letting go of the ‘wanting’ – to find happiness – the dis ease within falls away as the recognition of the true self emerges 

Our individual minds yearn and actively seek, but when we let go, we discover that we are part of the infinite consciousness, all that is…

All is connected, all is one and the same.

And so when we truly experience, that our experiences are the outer reflecting our the inner landscape, then we discover, that through letting go of the yearning and seeking, we are lead back home to the ease within – to our true self.

We are often lead back through the reflections we seemingly see outside us: in the form of a teacher, a book a lecture, that may appear and speaks to us and points us back to our self

Everything is consciousness

As humans we feel that the outside is different to what is going on inside us.

But they are one and the same, 

Our thoughts and feelings within are reflected outside, in what seems to be the solid world or ‘reality’

But one is all and all are one

We are not separate

Dear Diary; Creativity in Motion

In large and small ways, in all ways…

Seeking to have something or be someone or do something important – or simply the desire that things be different than they are (even the weather!) – directs the course of most human existence…

When I have a car, a house, the new dress, the table the chairs those beautiful paintings – when the sun comes out –  I will feel happy, I will be at ease…

For awhile.

When I am rich, when I get a better job, top marks for my exam, a faster running time, become a famous musician, publish my novel and sell millions of copies, enjoy perfect clement weather at all times, I will feel content

For awhile.

It’s just that ‘they’ – anything outside us – cannot intrinsically lead us to pure joy…

And it isn’t the ‘things’ or ‘the successes’ that are vexatious to the spirit

It is the attachment to them, and the identification with them.

It is often because where has desire come from is not from our truest desire, but from our programming and conditioning…

We haven’t been going with the flow of life…

Instead attached to the oughts and the should of life, which is often accompanied by fear of not achieving or having what we want

Many people create back to front… They believe that when they have certain things, they will be able to do more and so be happy…

Whereas the truth is that when we relax deeply into being who we truly are, and do whatever we are lead to do from this place, then what we create and have is for our ultimate joy.

When we go with the flow, and hold less tightly to our dreams, then there is no struggle…

The fun of living, of being in a body, enjoying the creativity of consciousness unfolds with apparent effortlessness, even if we are working many hours on our project…

The ‘back to front’ way often ultimately creates tension and even misery, as well as feeling of envy of others if what we want doesn’t arrive; and the feeling of excitement and safety in resting in the bosom of success when it does; even an enjoyment of the adulation (and envy often) of others, can be swiftly followed by fear of loss.

But – when we know who we truly are, when we relax deeply and connect with our essence – when we are able to truly be our selves – and when we take action from this place…

Then we discover that the things we create and ‘have’ do bring joy, as they have been created from joy; from our conscious self…

From the I that witnesses it all; that watches as we journey. The I that knows we are unhappy or happy lost or found… The I that never says you are not good enough or the I that doesn’t know what being proud of you is… Who is that I?

The I beyond the I as we know it.

The I we I dentify with, our personality is not always our true essence

Clarity, silence, pure love, infinite awareness – this is who we are…

Our true nature, always there

We do not have to find who we are

We must simply let go of who we are not

Our essence, our true nature is already here


And when we create from this place, we have already let go, we are going towards what we desire without attachment.

When we follow our bliss, then whatever we create is always in the now.

There is no past to be proud of, or a future destination that will make us immortal.

In the now our expression flows…

There is no ego attachment…

The only commitment

To be here enjoying the flow of creativity within us

Being ourselves in motion in our own true expression

Whatever that truly is


Dear Diary; Letting Go of Everything

As we enter the month of May again today, I am reminded of last year…

6.30am May 12th 2019… My 60th birthday, became my re birth day.

Are you ready to die? 

It seemed to me that this question was asked of me that day…. Was May 12th to become my death day too?

Are you ready to leave your body, to leave your mind, to leave everything that you have created here. Your work, your running, your friends, your family….?

Are you ready to leave this life Julia?

It can happen to any of us in in one minute, one second. That our life is done. 

We are transient beings experiencing an incarnation; here to do whatever we do.

It won’t be any other way

Our karma playing out, lifetime after lifetime, our energy creating and re creating…

And so often we forget we are born of consciousness until we remember…. A spark of light opens in our being, and we remember who we truly are, even if only for one flash

Often then we forget again – close the curtains of awareness and sink back into what we knew… With no thoughts of our eternal spirit .

I woke up at 6.30am – exactly twelve hours short of the hour of my birth, sixty years previously.

‘Something is really wrong with my body’ I said to Anadi; everything was spinning at great velocity and I felt very sick…. I wanted to get to the bathroom… Anadi helped me  weave my way there; and then I slithered to the floor.

On collapsing I left my body. My spirit flew. I was off, and fully conscious of the flight I was making. Into the vast silence. I was without mind or body, but I was aware and alive. There was complete silence.

Freedom. I had let go of everything I knew about my self on planet earth – even my body. 

But I was still aware…And I was zooming at great velocity in the expansive space towards a dot ahead of me in the distance….

I had let go of everything.

Anadi thought that I was dying. He started to prepare himself…I had breathed out in a strange way, and my body ran with more sweat that he had ever seen a body pour…

He went back into the bedroom and called for help…When he returned, he knelt beside me and called the name he calls me, over and over…

‘Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….’

Eventually I  heard him calling and I came back into my body.

‘I’ve been somewhere’ I said… ‘Wouldn’t it have been symmetrical to die on my birthday’!

But I didn’t die on my 60th birthday

Instead I was re born. 

I lay on the bathroom floor, at the beginning of my new life.

I couldn’t move… After two hours on the floor, Michael and Emily the ambulance team were able to stretcher me out to a waiting ambulance.

No one knows what happened that day. Why my body fell to the floor… Vertigo and a virus perhaps in medical terms?

But my spirit took the chance to fly free. To show me the way

To demonstrate what I knew all along; had been working with all my life…

That we are not who we perceive ourselves to be; we are not our mind or our body.

We are infinite awareness, consciousness…

We are spiritual beings on a human journey

Born of infinite love