Dear Diary; Moment by Moment – Minute by Minute, Hour by Hour, Day by Day….

Today is Easter Day!

The day of Jesus’ resurrection – evidence in the Christian Church that there is no death; life is eternal… Life everlasting

In every moment there is re birth.

In every moment there is the chance of the resurrection; of renewal; of re birth.

New life.

Every spiritual teaching tells us this is so…

As humans on planet earth – we have an opportunity to experience this.

I have always loved Easter time, and not just because of my ritual of a cream egg every day during the celebrations!

Bought from the sweet shop near the bus stop, and relished waiting for the bus after school when I was fourteen, and now the grand finale of my working day!

I was sitting on my step one day this week, enjoying my ‘end of the day’ cream egg in the sunshine, when my landlady Kate appeared…I shared with her my daily ritual… “Everyone else  has stocked up on things like tins of chickpeas’, she laughed… ‘And Julia has a box of Cadbury’s cream eggs…’ 

I also love the symbol of the Cross… 

The horizontal line demonstrating the past moving to the present and into the future; and the vertical line going straight through the present and representing the transcendence over the illusion of past and future.

Bringing us to the absolute moment… 

The present.

Learning to be present in every moment creates every possibility for fully living imaginable.

Journeying through life in a body, in this paradigm, we live in the illusion of separation and the illusion of time.

This experience  gives us the opportunity to feel, to heal – to see ourselves reflected in the mirror of others…

And the experience of linear time – with a past and future – reminds us to stay in each moment.

Moment by moment – minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day…

In this space we discover that it becomes possible to heal the past and to create a different future.

It takes presence

Our presence 

In the present moment.