A never ending conversation…

Our dialogues twist and weave in a never ending conversation.

Every word we utter, every thought we think has energy, power, it has its own life…

And so we must be aware of what we think, and what we say – we must be aware of our opinions, our beliefs, our judgemnets and prejudices -they are creations – they have form…

And when we believe they are real, they can take over, and we can lose the truth of who we truly are… Awareness; consciousness….

When we remove any attachment to the words and thoughts, when we bring ourselves back to our centre, to our stillness, then the thoughts collapse… They have no life anymore, the words too – they disappear into the ether…

They die

As we must die to our self, to our identifications – to all we believe ourselves to be, if we are to experience who we truly are.

Every single thing we ‘do’ here is a role, a conditioning that we have learnt, have been taught – and often have come to believe is who ‘we are’…

But we are not our roles or our conditioning.

While we are in this form, it is good that we can remember how to walk and talk and ‘do’ the things we have learnt, like driving a car, riding a bicycle, reading, writing and arithmetic.

But always we must know we are not these things

We are more than all of these things

We are not our thoughts for we are the source of all thought

There is no beginning or end to us

We exist

And it had always been this way….

And when we take time to go within, to drop all the roles, the ideas, the opinions and instead experience our selves, beyond the created self, then we experience true joy, bliss

And we can truly ‘in joy’ this experience called life