Dear Diary; Our Unchanging Nature

I love cleaning my flat

I love the ritual

I love the way it looks afterwards ( not that much different really!)

But it has a spick and span feel

A happy flat feel

It’s a quiet time

An on my own time

A simple time, easy rhythms

A cleaning meditation.

As I write I am reminded of Andrés… In another life, ‘this time last year’ – I had an office in Piccadilly.

I used to run to and from work… Having trodden the world as a nomad for six years with all I could carry in a rucksack on my back – on landing in London, I soon realised that a daily commute on the tube would be ‘vexatious to my spirit’ – and so I took to the open roads – my legs my means of transport.

Four miles there and four miles back – I often ran /walked, because sometimes when I emerged into the street later in the evening, the thought of the tube was almost more appealing – but I would walk up the road and then find myself trotting and then I was home…

To often meet Anadi ( the boyfriend/husband) for a drink in the pub next door

In this other life this time last year…

And because I often worked quite late, seeing clients in the evening, I was the last person in the building except for Andrés… A young man boy who was cleaning the offices and communal areas…

I would find him emptying bins, washing up all the used plates and cups that had been piled high – right underneath the polite notice that requested everything used be washed up.

Andrés was from Argentina and I soon discovered spoke only a very few words of English.

I looked forward to seeing Andrés before I left, I’d stay awhile and learn about him – and practise my Spanish too…

And then came that day at the end of March 2020 to collect my coffee machine – and head for home…

I didn’t know then that I wouldn’t go back to work there

That I would only return to collect my throws and my books

But I left Andrés a card of thanks anyway, and popped £10 inside

When I returned to collect the throws and books a couple of months later, the card was gone, and I found a piece of paper in its place

‘Gracias Julia’ 

Until I started to write today, I hadn’t  thought of Andrés since

He is gone

I am gone

Its like we never existed to the other

Everything goes

Nothing stays

Except our unchanging nature

From whence we were all born

And so each encounter, each experience is vital to our existence, to the meaning of our existence

To being human – on this spiritual journey – every encounter an opportunity to encounter love looking back at us from another human being.

And each encounter that might hold a sting in its tail, pain and heartbreak is a chance to see where we have cut that love off from inside us

And slowly and surely we can shed everything preventing us from experiencing who we truly are.

And so Andrés and I touched each others lives for just eight short weeks

My office was moved from Covent Garden to Piccadilly on January 26th and I left there on March 20th

But we saw ourselves in each other’s eyes and although I had completely forgotten about him until now

His soul and mine danced together briefly then and that energy stays forever 

Dear Diary; I am where I am

Julia Chi Taylor - Bodhisattva Conversations

A new coffee shop has opened boasting delicious cakes and pastries, ginger shots lime and turmeric too – and of course amazing coffee – an artist for a barista drawing beautiful scenes on the top of our magical brews

It is situated right on the corner between my home and Anadi home and so we met to sit for half an hour in the midst of our working day – and chat and drink more coffee…

I had a blueberry and banana muffin to go with my brew – I’d brought along two big pashmina scarfs to keep us warm – and there we were…

The hum of the traffic our constant coffee shop background music was broken by the sudden shrill sound of an ambulance in a rush; a police car in front, navigated its way through the traffic and a red light – slowing the traffic for the ambulance to tear on through… 

‘I am a city girl now – in this now, that’s what I am’… I realised in that instant on a bench wrapped up, drinking coffee with my best friend, boyfriend, husband….

I had always thought I was a sea dweller… But it seems that the sound of traffic will do just as well as the sound of the crashing waves.

I am where I am. And it’s okay…

This phrase is a useful one always to remember to say wherever we are and whatever is going on in our world – if we are in the middle of a divorce or a redundancy or grieving over a loved one, or in the midst of a changed pandemic world…

To be able to stop and breathe in, and say those words, can help to process it all and allow us to come back to the very centre of our being where all is eternal 

Where the is no beginning and no end

No death, only life eternal 

And to be where we are

Here and Now.

I am where I am

Dear Diary; Becoming…

On Saturday Anadi and I were on one of our long long wander walk about through the parks of London Town.

This is where we walk and talk (and run too ) – on the concrete paths and the springy, muddy, dry as a bone frosty grass – all weekend long… The skies alternate between bright blue, sunshine gleaming to heavy grey blue black, with the potential for rain to cascade

We join with the other people of the park who love to walk and talk and wander too – in this sparkling bright jewel of a land right in the middle of the capital City, with magnificent trees rising tall and strong and true to their own direction – roots spreading unseen mirroring their beautiful branches where the  parakeets swoop, ducks and geese and swans lend their opinion to the air…

Squirrels scampering


As we are meant to be…

And so we celebrated the elements and the expanse of grassy green parkland… We circled the animals and the birds, the ducks and geese and joined in with their dance of life…

Along tree lined paths we wandered and then we found ourselves beside the Serpentine Lake – the wide road and pathway was alive with other walkers, folk on skateboards, children on bikes…

And then the Birman appeared

He was walking very slowly and the birds were flying all about him, landing on his head and his shoulders – sometimes taking seeds from his hands.

His presence emanated ease, in his own world, his pace was so different to all the activity about him.

He looked to be in each step more zen; and the birds felt this too and flocked to him

Anadi and I watched him and his friends the birds.

He then walked to the waters’ edge and three herons immediately flew to him – he fed them sardines from a tin, using chop sticks to hand the fish to the birds

‘They know him’ I said ‘You can see that they know him’

As he moved back from the side of the lake I said to him ‘They know you’

‘Yes’, he said, ‘what started as an experiment has grown into a regular outing. And even when they migrate, they have recognised me when they come back’

‘Birds have great memories’ he continued, ‘the phrase” bird brain” is very maligned’

‘Do you live around here’… he then asked

‘Yes, Chelsea – we like walking about’… 

‘I like walking too’, he said … ‘I once walked from London to Brighton to buy a stick of Brighton rock’! 

We talked about his route, how long it too and the joy of just heading out and walking…

‘I once ran cross country from London to Brighton’, I offered… ‘It rained the whole day’!

Kindred spirits

We went on our way and as we glanced back the birds were gathering around him again

And on we went

The walking taking us were it would

Becoming walking

Dear Diary; Where do you go to…?

On Saturday afternoon at four o’ clock Anadi arrived at my flat for our ‘Saturday morning walk’… Later than usual because I had been working all day.

We set off in the hint of spring daylight and made our way to our usual haunt, the Duke of York Square, where we sat on the ground, close to the roof of a restaurant, under cover from the sudden large and unexpected drops of rain… 

Wrapping our hands round the warmth of our steaming cups of coffee, we sat together exchanging news of the last two days… We hadn’t met since Friday morning to chant the Gayatri Mantra, and now the past two days were disappearing and still occurring in the moment that we shared.

Our conversation weaved and twisted in the space between us, and somehow took us to Juan le Pins… But we couldn’t remember the name! ‘It’s in that song’ I said… ‘Where do you go to my lovely…’

And so we looked up the song lyrics to find out the name of the place we were trying to remember…

And then we started to sing, sitting on the ground, huddled together on a freezing cold – late January – late afternoon… We sang the whole song – people passed by giving the couple sitting singing – with gusto – a cursory glance…

‘I’d like to busk someday’, I mused as we reached the final line…

‘Then we shall do it’ Anadi said… ‘I’ll get a guitar again, and we shall do it…’

‘I’d love that’ I said ‘What fun’…. 

I grew up singing along to  ‘Where do you go to my lovely’

“But where do you go to, my lovely
When you’re alone in your bed?
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head, yes, I do”

Some years ago I ran the Nice to Cannes Marathon and as the race swept through Juan le Pins at just over half way through the 26.2, I’d found myself singing the song out loud – it was a downhill stretch!

And where do we all go when we’re alone in our beds…? 

Who knows? And who knows us; no one if we don’t know our self…

True intimacy is being willing to share ourselves, openly, honestly. To be our selves…

To do this we must be willing to stay present to ourselves; to breathe in and experience the stillness, the silence between each breath and experience our essence.

And then no words are needed. Words are limited in their ability to communicate our truth.

We are in every moment, we are here and there and everywhere.

We are. 

And if sharing ourselves leads us to want to sing in the street, just for the fun of it or dance and play and be free to express in any way we wish – then the world will enjoy the vibration as it shimmers and glitters and sparkles with the essence of our individual unique spark of life…. 

Dear Diary; Shining Our Light in The World

Anadi (my husband who lives round the corner from me) spent last week in Los Angeles –  well virtually – but it still meant his days didn’t end til the conference ended in LA  – and so we didn’t see much of each other… Especially as his calf is sore and so I also temporarily have lost my running partner! 

But on one of the days we met for a coffee for half an hour, and on Friday he came to chant the Gayatri mantra with me for the Bodhisattva group

We loved it – we both felt we could have chanted for ever… 

I often introduce the chanting meditation by saying how wonderful chanting is – that is helps us to still our body and our mind – that it allows us to connect to the silence within us; our true nature…

It helps us to clear our energetic system and reminds us that we are all born of pure love, pure consciousness and through our unique vibration it is possible to experience ourselves in the world… 

Everything is but an experience and the more we become aware of this and stop believing the vagaries of the mind – we can over time let go of the pain, the darkness, the patterns that play out and block the memory of who we are .

The Gayatri mantra reminds us of the unity of everything, and the multiplicity; and through chanting of it our energy field illuminates and we can shine our own light bright from within. 

If we look around us and feel despair at what we see in the world, and we have no idea how to contribute to change, to transformation and healing in society – we must first look within.

The real difference we make in the world is through shining our own light – experiencing who we truly are – living our ordinary lives in this extraordinary way…

Clearing the way towards liberation has been a lifetime’s practise for me.

Lifetimes and lifetimes – of karma 

I understood about ‘clearing’ at a very young age, perhaps just seven years.

I can review the scene and see the child now…

She is sitting in the wooden slippy pew – vast to her then – with the soft robust hassock under her feet, worn into a nice kneeling bed with much use… It served as a perfect foot rest for the little girl.

She is sitting half listening to the preacher. The church has a musty smell, wafts of the scent from the greenery in generous vases of flowers arranged by the wives of the churchwardens, mingle in.

As his voice rises and falls, she is watching the dust float up in the sunlight that is beaming through stained glass on this particularly sunny Sunday morning…

He has been speaking for a long time; she is letting many of the words float beyond her absorption, over her head and away, when suddenly something he is saying starts to speak to her; deep within her being, her belly, her very soul… He is explaining the circle of birth, life, death and rebirth, and the symbolism of the serpent with the tail in its mouth. He is talking of cleansing from our sins, of eternal life…

Suddenly she becomes aware of this cycle, in a visceral way – round and round and round… Lifetimes and lifetimes of karma and she understands… How to return to the place of pure love, freedom, the godly state within…

And she understands she has work to do.

The preacher is saying that we must clear our own darkness from within to remember who we truly are.

The young girl understands

Nearly fifty five years the words of TS Eliot speak for me

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring, Will be to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time.” 

Dear Diary; This Moment is Perfect

‘The builders are coming on Saturday morning’ Kate my landlady had messaged… And so I was ready and waiting bright and early – for a Saturday 🙂 when Miguel and Elideo arrived to tile and transform my bathroom floor… 

‘Where are the tiles’? Elideo asked – I ran up the steps and knocked on Kate’s door, ‘They’re asking for the tiles’…

‘But the quote included tiles…’

I ran downstairs to my flat again and relayed the message… Elideo showed me his text to Kate – written in Portuguese style English – explaining the quote didn’t include tiles… I could see how the information had got lost in translation…!

Miguel and Elideo planned their next move, B and Q wasn’t open, Leylands was eight miles away – but google located a Wicks just one mile down the road… I phoned Kate… 

‘They’re going to Wicks to get the tiles…’ 

‘Can we have cream‘ she asked

‘We’d like cream tiles please’ – I relayed to Elideo ‘You’d like grey?’ ‘No cream please’ – I pointed to the wall…

Kate arrived at my flat having had time now to shower and dress…

We’d like cream tiles please…’ she re iterated 

Can need money for tiles please’ Elideo asked….   

Between Anadi Kate, her daughter and me, we gathered together £100 in cash and off he went… 

The day was already unfolding in a fun way… I felt I was in situation comedy, all of us were just playing a part, none of us upset or cross

The Zen of being engaged in each moment.

Anadi and I then headed out to allow the work to commence… We made our way up the Kings Road, bought ourselves some breakfast and settled to enjoy it in the Duke of York Square… We sat on the ground, leaning against a wall with the winter sun on our faces…

And watched the world go by around us…

People sitting in their own sun traps, eating – and drinking coffee; I silently admired the beautifully painted red nails of the young man sitting opposite us with his friend, sharing pastries and chocolate tiffin. The man beside us had brought his deck chair, he sun bathed all wrapped up, coffee in hand with his newspaper was spread out all around him… A small boy learning to ride his bike wobbled precariously by – ‘pedal faster faster’ his mother encouraged…

Life in motion

A teenager lit her cigarette – her friend immediately retorted – ‘Don’t do that! Do you want to live to have husband children a mortgage, and not die at 40, if you do – don’t do that!

I laughed, he whirled around ‘You agree?’ 

‘I’m not laughing at what you’re saying’ I said ‘I’m laughing at the way you told the story’…

‘My accent makes everything better’ he laughed and on they went…

Anadi and I sat longer, enjoying watching this particular play on the stage of life…

I was reminded of the author of ‘The Zen of Running ‘ Fred Rohe’s words…
“The joy you are living while dancing your run. You are not running for some future reward-the real reward is now!”

True of the Zen of living too, ‘The joy you are living while dancing your life… you are not living your life for some future reward, the real reward is now… 

Being fully here and now, without looking to an imaged future where we think will find what we are looking for – brings huge rewards.

Anadi and I continued to wander further afield, through Hyde Park with all the other wanderers with nowhere to go and nothing to do, and eventually we wandered home to see my shiny new bathroom all tiled and beautiful

With grey tiles 🙂

When we are here and now, aware of the still point within each breath, aware of the silence within each of us, our life will always emerge from this place, rich in joyous joy…

Every moment unfolding exactly as it should, whether it brings us grey tiles or cream, knowing that this moment is perfect

Dear Diary; Know Thyself

And so we living in a New Year… To anyone who will listen I am singing the song by the band ‘The Who’ from their album ‘Tommy’….

‘Got a feeling ‘Twenty one’ is going to be a good year, especially if you and me see it in together’

The story of Tommy is relevant to us all as we journey through the years… Tommy’s life represents our separation from our real self to believing in the illusory self that we show to the world… But this created self can end up becoming our teacher as we strip back the layers to become aware, and know once more who we truly are…

And come to know ourselves

‘Know Thyself’

Our life is a flash in the enormity of existence, and we are a spark of energy that burns here as a physical incarnation for a short while…
But while we are alight, we have the opportunity to burn brightly.
To integrate and burn away all the stuff within us that is preventing us remembering who we truly are.

‘Know thyself…’

My father often said this to us children while we were growing up.
‘Know thyself darling…’

He was the perfect energy for me to stretch my emotional muscles against…

When I was thirty three years old, I was making life choices and behaving in ways that were part of my own discovery, but that didn’t fit his moral code… He asked that I go and see him, because he wanted to talk to me about ‘my morals and my integrity…’
I didn’t go…! Anger had flashed through me as his request – but Instead we talked on the phone for two hours and I shared more of myself and my life with him… 

It was a good conversation, one of the best I had ever had with him…

By now I reckoned that I knew myself better than I believed he knew me…

Three months later I did go to see him.

We lunched together on his birthday and during the course of our time together he said to me…
‘Darling, I think you are finding yourself….’

And so the very person we might think is crushing us, or disapproving of us, or misunderstanding us, can in truth be the very person who offers us the opportunity for growth, to go within and discover who we truly are.

This land is a make believe land, that we are making up as we go.

Our energy is creating our experience, and as we are in a paradigm of polarity… So if there is any dark in the world that we do not like, that affects us and we react to, whether that is in our own immediate circles, or globally, then our responsibility to to seek where this darkness is within us and own it and bring it forth into the light… 

To be whole we must embrace all that we hide in the shadows… Integrate it, and bring it forth, so that transforms rather than destroys.

This applies to our hidden ‘gold’ too… Sometimes we might react to light in the world, because it is within us, but not yet integrated… Our ‘work’ is to be conscious at all times of the importance of owning our own shadow…

It is only when we have owned/cleared our own shadow, both light and dark, that we can truly experience the consciousness from which we are all ‘born’

And know ourselves…

Light and dark are the polarity in the world we inhabit, a place where we can experience our energy because we are in a human body.

In integrating and clearing our energy, we will find our true self… We will discover ourselves in the silence between thought and in the still point in our breath.
We are so much more than anything we might define ourselves by now, whether that be in light or dark terms…

Know thyself

Dear Diary; Making the Path by Walking it…

Anadi and I spent Christmas Day running and jogging and walking around the Royal Parks of London… With no plan, no path mapped out… The day unfolding in joyous fun.

We had begun it chanting the Gayatri Mantra 108 times, which felt timeless – as if there wasn’t a beginning or end and so the day continued… We packed our skipping ropes and credit cards! Just in case a coffee opportunity arose – and off we went 

Making our path as we walked it….

Antonio Machado is a very famous Spanish poet… His poem ‘Caminante no hay Camino’ – Walker there is no path – inspired me as I ran barefoot across Spain in 2018….’ The poem continues… ‘Se haces el camino al andar’

You make the path by walking it…’

And so this is my life – making my path by walking it – and Christmas Day our metaphor.

Running about and seeing what happened, where we went, who we talked to, where we found a coffee oasis…

Machado goes on to liken our past to standing on a boat – looking behind and watching the wake  disappearing back into the sea… Like it never happened…

This resonated very deeply with me – the past is gone – there is only now – and there is no future… There is only the step we’re in.

It reminded me of my life, wandering about is my favourite thing, or running about!

All exists is this moment. All exists is this step. There is nothing else at all…

And so we stopped near the Albert memorial and fed the squirrels and practised our skipping – Anadi is a lot better than me! 🙂 And people came by and we greeted one another ‘Merry Christmas’ 

Some stopped, two women perhaps nearing 80 years  – ‘Well done’ they said ‘We played tennis this morning and now we’re out for our stroll’… A man in a bright Christmas jumper – with almost more holes than jumper ‘I always like to sit here and read, every day’ he said ‘This jumper is very old’, he continued ‘but it has sentimental value…’

The parks were full of others wandering, making their path by walking it on this Christmas day, 2020 – each moment sacred – never to be experienced again

To be fully here now however, there is often much inner work to be done because all the time we are ‘reacting’ out of the hurts from our past, then we cannot be in the present moment…

And so we must feel these hurts whenever they arise in the experience of now, in order to freely and fully connect to the absolute present… 

And from this place of letting go new impulses, which are not connected to our past patterns and scripts, can emerge from the silence within us.

To connect to our silence, we have much clearing to do and this often entails many paths that seem lead us in a circle! 

And so life an endless paradox, often seems a riddle and an unsolvable puzzle…

But we can keep making our path by walking it – and sometimes happen upon an unexpected coffee shop – open on Christmas Day!

And so this is how we came to be sitting in Marble Arch with the pigeons and other people drinking coffee…


No riddle to solve, or seemingly unsolvable puzzle, because it’s so is simple, now, while sitting with Anadi on a cold Christmas Day, sipping a coffee…

‘Walker there is no path…’

Dear Diary; Life Goes On

Anadi and I sat outside drinking our coffee on a bright winter Sunday… ‘It feels like summer’ I mused, the sky clear blue and the almost solstice sun warming our faces…

‘It’s always summer where you are beautiful’, Anadi commented – I was immediately reminded of a favourite quote of mine by Albert Camus

‘And in the midst of winter, I found that there was, within me, an invincible summer…’

It resonated with me when I first discovered it – my life’s journey had always been about understanding the challenges, the painful processes that sometimes felt like a cold and unforgiving ‘winter within’ –  and I had come to recognise that the truth of me, the life force from which we are all born was ever present.

The I – the true I – below the ego I that struggled and resisted, the I below the struggle was always there – and so it was that in the midst of winter I found my own invincible summer; and this has sustained me through all the challenges I have since encountered…

I am always aware of it… This life stream, this inner sun, this invincible force, the flame that never goes out.

And it is there within us all, whatever appears to be going on on the outer levels – we can turn inwards to this inner sun, which can warm us and light the way – even when all our plans are disrupted, when change happens and it feels too much to bear.

Turn inwards, and there is the invincible summer… The warmth of the sun burning bright and the happiness you seek outside discovered on the journey to your ease within.

Easy words to write I know, when many people now are experiencing disappointment, separation and distress.

But the inner journey is the way to ease from the dis ease – as the Buddha said 

“There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”

We had stood the day before – in manufactured sun -beside brightly burning heaters in the rainy Duke of York square, a Jazz band played in the corner and some acrobatic gymnasts performed for us in a created plastic bubble.

There was a buzz of joy, some danced to the jazz band, people wandered about, children zoomed on bikes and the Christmas lights of the Kings road twinkled brightly

Life goes on

A man came up to tie up the huge umbrellas securely – we exchanged greetings, ‘would you like a cranberry in a coat’ – I offered him my ‘packet from Pret’

‘No thanks’, he laughed – ‘but I’d say yes to a brandy and coke…’

Life goes on…

Dear Diary; Practising the Art of Living

The art of running has been a lifelong practice for me.

I remember it all began when I was six years old – I am sixty one years old now – fifty five years have passed and I am still perfecting the art of running… 

The funny thing is that the result of my practise in absolute terms is that after years and years of practising I am getting slower and slower… What a funny thing that is! 🙂

However – I notice that the tension that built as I pushed harder and harder to get faster and faster, has gone and I feel like the child again.

I remember reading a book by Paul Auster, a novelist I enjoyed very much. I read many of his books and in one, an autobiographical story about his father  – he wrote about a man he met in Paris who was a composer. The man was old now and living alone and he composing a symphony so huge that is could never be finished.

He saw this as his connection to God – to the divine – as it wasn’t about achievement or attainment… It was simply his art pouring from him – perfecting it in something that would never be finished and so never could be anything but an expression of his soul in motion…

This spoke to me and I recognised this in my running, which I have practised for so long – only to get slower and slower – that the real purpose has been in the practise and the letting go of seeking achievement… And yet to still practise running to experience freedom in each step and to create my own never ending symphony…

I noticed when I am practicing that the main ingredient necessary to create this symphony is simply that each day I must turn up – each moment I must be there, here…

Every day is new, every day we are creating our life in each moment.

We can practice our own art, we can practice our life, we can hone our skills and it doesn’t matter how long it takes. It doesn’t matter if we are still practicing our skills and honing them and when we come to die, we haven’t ‘arrived’ – because there is nowhere to get to, so we can’t arrive anywhere.

There is only the deepening of the practice, which where possible, needs to be practised without tension. The ultimate is that it is carried out with joy, expressed with clarity, because whatever we are practicing is being communicated out into the world for others to see

Now of course this doesn’t mean that we don’t dare start, because we are aware that our expression and our art cannot be clear and free of tension when we begin…

Because it is in the practicing that we can see where there is tension and stress, and so have the opportunity to clear it away. It is in the practicing that we discover our tension, and our fear, and also where we learn how to free our soul so that it is in motion through the conduit of the physical manifestation…

I have discovered that in practicing running almost every day of my life, that gradually there has been more and more freedom in each step – more Zen…

I have learned how to become the master of my body and my mind; rather than the body and mind controlling ‘me’.

I trained myself to silence my mind firstly, through the practice of putting other things into the mind – so it wasn’t exactly silencing the mind, but it was a route to stillness.

In place of any negative thoughts, I put mantras, for example ‘I love you thank you thank you I love you’ was one of my favourites, as well as ‘I’m sorry please forgive me I love you thank you’ – and there were others at different times ‘Om ma ni pad me hum’ and ‘Nam myoho renge kyo’… To name a few.

Immediately, when I awoke in the morning, if I felt these negative thoughts coming in, I would start the mantra. This meant that straight away a relaxation occurred within my being… I would then get out of bed and begin my daily practice of stretching and strength and balancing exercises… Meanwhile coffee would be brewing in the kitchen, so next I would go and sit and drink coffee.

I didn’t allow any thoughts of ‘I don’t want to go’ or ‘it’s raining’ or ‘it’s cold and dark’ to enter my being… I would instead just enjoy my ‘coffee meditation’ – present to each delightful sip, and would then literally step out of the front door.

One step is all that is needed, and then the next takes care of itself – and the next and the next.

This is why following things that excite us, or interest us, can be wonderful for our growth – to ‘find out’ through the practises…

Practicing is part of life on earth, practicing anything, practicing meditation, practicing, singing, practicing speaking in public, practising art, cooking, computer programming…Whatever we want to practise…

It is always remembering that being still is the ultimate place to practise living from  – being silent – dropping between the thoughts to the place of complete silence…

The practice of stillness and silence is the most vital part of any practice.

If we practice from this place of silence, then our expression is limitless, and there is no attachment to an outcome.

And then our expression is a reflection of our limitless, infinite nature.