Circling the Sun

Birth days

Come around again and again.

And again

Circles of the sun…

Around and around we go…

I have lost count of how many times I have journeyed around the sun, riding on planet earth!

Circles have no end or beginning…

And so this makes it easy to forget.

To simply live in the now, in this very moment, celebrating life…


No end or beginning….

And to keep on running; each step the first one I have ever taken;


In celebration of life, birthday time again, the never ending running path – anything we can think of the celebrate… I ran around London Town with thousands of others a week or so ago…

We set off from the Mall to run around the City for ten kilometres…

Many have finished the London Marathon on that very stretch…

Including me…!

I have lost count of how many times I’ve done that too!

While standing on the start line, with music and people and joyous energy everywhere – our spirits soaring – I spotted another pair of naked feet!

We chatted for a bit and someone took a photo…

Of our feet! – and my new friend Steve spoke of the times he has run the marathon without shoes on…

One day – perhaps!

And so it is, that the shiny sun, the longer days and running with naked feet again – are heralding my celebrations of the day I was born…

I am about to set off to circle around the sun again…

Travelling who knows where and when 

And for how long 

I will keep on running

Around and around the sun


In this very step, that when we are fully in it – always takes care of the next one.

And the next.

The step we are in, all there is

This moment


Expanding into infinity