Dear Diary; The Totality of Now

One of Anadi’s and my Sunday morning saw us emerging from Hyde Park and running into the busy Sunday traffic and buzz of Sunday shoppers… 

We stopped on a corner and watched the boy pull his bike up like a rearing horse, while the Oxford Circus traffic stood still for a few minutes – the boy right slap back in the middle

In the moment

Performing his tricks



There is a freedom in the moment – no past, no future

No regret, no worry.

In the totality of the moment there is freedom.

Inner freedom is always there for us whatever is apparently going on, on the outer realms. In this moment we are supported – by the ground beneath us –

Are you here, now?

In the silence of the mind is there anything to concern you?

When it is still, we can practise witnessing the activity of the mind from afar…

Now is the time to make quieting the inner noise, clearing the inner tension the most important thing to ‘do’. Now is always the time…

Now, ‘there is no time like the present’…!

In the totality of the moment there is transformation…. It takes practise, like anything….The mind didn’t start to ‘over think’ all on its own, any habits that we have didn’t happen in one moment.

It took practise to acquire the skills that sustain us and it took practise to acquire the habits that destroy us.

It takes practise to still the mind

It took practise to think all the time.

When the practise of thinking has become out of control, then the mind has become the master and we the slave…

The road to freedom is to become the master of the mind and of the body

We are they, but they are not we…

And as we stood on the corner of Oxford Circus, Anadi and I, we watched the boy and his bike….

Freedom our shared orientation

Our quest


‘Where the spirit of love is, there is Freedom’

Freedom is love and love of ourselves naturally extends to everyone we meet.

The planet our home, everyone a friend…

In the totality of now.