Too much to do.?

Julia Chi Taylor

There is never too much to do, when we are present.

When we know ourselves first as presence, secondly as form, then we will truly experience there is only now.

Do the thing in front of you, and keep the mind still and present on that one thing – and all is well.

Practical tools can help this of course – like a list of ‘things to do’, which holds the ‘things’ that otherwise buzz around the head. Instead they are contained, and then we can always return to the now, rather than trying to do a thing we’re not doing – in our head,

Be focused on the task in hand, keep the mind from chattering and doing gymnastics and then there is never too much to do – there is only what you are doing from the space of being


It really is as simple as that!

But of course this takes practise and commitment – and then consistency, of that practise and commitment.

It also takes letting go of any identification with ‘being busy’, ‘being stressed’, ‘being overwhelmed’… 

Or, ‘feeling tense and anxious’….

These energies become personified, and take up residence if we are not mindful to remember who we truly are…

The distractions of the mind and the body are very beguiling, the troubles of worldly loss and gain, the struggles of ‘power over ‘and desire to accumulate are chimeras to the soul.

The very nature of being alive lends itself to creativity and action and new experiences and expansion – but with awareness that we are awareness, then all creativity can arise from the stillness within…

And we can experience Wu Wei – the Taoist description of ‘non- action’ or ‘non doing’ – which in essence means that there is being in the doing, and so all we do flows effortlessly from presence – awareness…

And we never feel that we have ‘too much to do’….