Soaring Spirit

Julia Chi Taylor

Let your spirit soar!

Let it to be free…

Resist weighing it down with layers of thought and heavy feelings.

Stay present – and you will notice in every moment, the bright light that burns within and never ever goes out – ever.

It may feel it has at times – when the burdens are heavy, and the world feels bleak… Then the joy and light can seem to have fled.

But deep within all is well; even in the most tragic and trying of circumstances there is the ever burning light, of the truth of who you are… Knowing this, experiencing this, changes everything…

It doesn’t mean you won’t feel pain and grief at times, but there will be an absence of unnecessary suffering that so often accompanies our difficulties – and instead, we can experience the deep space and silence within.

In time, the more we practice presence – an awareness arises – that whatever distress or suffering you might be experiencing in the outer realms, can be shifted through journeying within – to the core of your being – and healing from the inside out.

The only way is inwards, to be able go onwards with a lighter step. The only way is to go within to heal and become whole, and then you will see this reflected on the screen of life, and in the reflection of another, all others….

Your soaring spirit dancing and playing… 

The inner journey can feel a hard one at first,,,

’If the outer would change, all would be well’, we think…

‘If he would change, she would change, I had more of this or that, and less distress – all would be well…’

But when we start to go within – we discover the answers lie there…

And the work has begun,

To set yourself free