julia chi taylor

We all have the opportunity to transform in any moment.

To remember who we truly are, and to dive deeply into the land of limitless possibility. We can travel deeply within and discover that there is no bottom to us – no limits – no top – no ceiling.

And know that we are all limitless beings receiving from a limitless source in limitless ways.

When we remember this we can travel to faraway places that we thought only existed in our imagination…

But our imagination is our power  – we can all soar to personal transformation and remember that magical child within us, that knew that life was a gift to be lived and loved.

That we came here to play and express our gifts in the manifest world.

We knew then nothing of stress or sorrow or hardship….

Sometimes we have to encounter these things, to clear the way again to remember to live and love fully, to let go of the traps of the mind that tell us we need certain things to happen – to be happy – or not to happen. to be happy…!

When we fully open to clearing away all the abherations and chimeras of life – the limiting beliefs, the patterns and programmes that we are often stuck in – when we clear all this away – we can open to the wonder of the universe, and experience ourselves as a part of all that is…

But even more than that

We know ourselves, the truth of who we are….

We are


We are


And we discover that

Silence is freedom