To Be Free

Julia Chi Taylor

Well I haven’t been swimming… Yet! 

And this week I haven’t been running either…

But I have spent lots of time larking about in the gym… This has included practising a duet of ‘Shallow’ with PT Tom!

We’re improving…!

This endeavour is providing much hilarity – for us – and others in the gym too, who look on in slight bemusement and amusement – some pretend it’s not happening…!

I’m not sure how it all began, this duet singing amongst the sound of weights clanging! 

But it is fun…

I’ve been in the gym more than usual this week (so more opportunity to practise my singing with Tom too!)  because I hurt my knee whilst doing an exercise to strengthen it…! (nb as I ‘go to press’ – knee much improved!)

The paradox of life – the exercise revealed the weakness rather than healed the pain…

But this is an important thing.

The issue revealed, stripped bare

So that full healing can happen.

Pain is a good mechanism for us – if we didn’t have pain we would physically destroy ourselves very quickly!

It acts as an arrow to direct us to where attention is needed…

This is true physically

And also emotionally

One of the difficulties for humans is facing difficulties, facing problems, for fear of feeling the pain at the root of the issue.

All our problems have something to do with us, and once we are able to become still enough to take responsibility – and to say ‘I am here, so this has something to do with me, and therefore I can do something about it’ – we are on the road heal to ourselves – to clear the blocks within and solve the difficulty that we are seeing reflected in our outer circumstances…

To become whole…

To be free, is to face everything

Every single thing, that is clouding the view of who we truly are

To dare to feel the pain necessary to heal at the core level 

To never turn away

From our true self

Which is always there

Within us all