We are the whole

Julia Chi Taylor

The decades have gone by

And still she is found enjoying a coffee and almond croissant as if it were for the first time.

The sound of a busy coffee shop, the hum of voices, the clatter of plates and the whirr of the coffee machine

Happy sounds – for her.

Peace and ease within as she knows her purpose – is simply

To sit and enjoy

To fully relish every sip of the magic nectar, to appreciate the delight of taste, of smell, of touch and texture

To be the joy of a human experience. 

Our body so magical in its complexity and intricacy that allows us this ride, this journey 

The shining sun, the raging wind, the rain the cold the ice and the snow, the soft spring rain, the dew – the early morning light…

The hills and dales, the rivers and mountains and cities – magnificent with buildings tall square and rounded in majestic magic 

Babies, children, humans who were babies and children walking tall, speaking working being here in their life on planet earth

And so it is

The tapestry of which we all are

We are our part, we are many and we are the whole