A light unto yourself

Oxford Street

The Christmas lights

Are on!

Anadi and I had met up for a late Saturday lunch after working all morning.

It was now nearly 5 o’ clock and we were still sitting – over a coffee – watching the bustle of a London afternoon through the restaurant window.

I had some train tickets to collect from Victoria Station, so we made our way there; and on a whim

‘Lets walk to Oxford Street and Regents Street to see the lights’ I said…

I didn’t know that they were being switched on at almost the very moment I spoke;

That they had drawn me to them with their twinkling brightness and expansive angelic arms, baubles, sparkly stars and colours blue gold silver purple magenta and perfect white light.

And so we set off to Hyde Park and on reaching the edge stepped into the majestic tree lined avenue – we wandered through the clear dark night past ‘Winter Wonderland’ recently erected and looking ready for action…

We crossed Marble Arch, and in a trice we found ourselves greeted by the rays of starry light beauty in Oxford Street – and lots of tourists – cameras held high capturing the magic of the moment.

The purpose of these lights is no other than to bring a sense of occasion celebration colour and joy – Christmas cheer – a spectacle of art to behold, a tradition to uphold… 

Life, our purpose no other than to bring a sense of occasion to each moment, to celebrate each breath, each heart beat; to live in joy

To forget yourself

With no care for knowing

To be the light unto yourself