Creating the life we are living

Julia Chi Taylor

Anyone who knows me well, or has read my blogs over the past twenty years, will know that drinking alcohol is not one of my talents…!

But it is something I have occasionally resolved to train to ‘do better’!

About twelve years ago, or even more, I made it my New Year resolve two years running to ‘drink more’ – as I could count the amount of alcoholic drinks I had imbibed the previous year on just one hand!

One of those ‘Resolve’ years ended practically before it began – I went to celebrate a friend’s success in a bar in London in the January – and  – drank FOUR margaritas!! 

It took me about a week to recover, and I didn’t drink for the rest of the year…

The next year I tried again – but it sort of petered out like a damp squib!

Then I met Anadi I became quite a cocktail queen for awhile…!

Anadi enjoys a G and T ( especially in Spain where they don’t appear to have formal measures!) and a cold beer or two…

But I’ve sort of fallen by the wayside as the years have passed – jumping on the wagon rather than off it!

I am of course aware that for some alcohol is a poison and not to be taken lightly.

But in moderate quantities, it has many positives; it is fun, it relaxes, it can de inhibit and lead to greater connection and conversation – unlocking tensions and truths… As well as simply being a part of the pleasure of the human journey; it also offers some health benefits to body and brain! 

But we all have a different path to tread, so as a previous almost non drinker, I am not writing a blog to persuade you into the drinking life…!

However – this year I have dusted off my old resolution… And today – January 8th 2022, instead of a coffee post brunch, I ordered an Espresso Martini!

Anadi joined me!

I felt moved to share my ‘resolution’ with the young man who was serving us ‘Often the other way round in January’ he laughed – ‘but why not?’

And it was delicious…

We sat sipping them as the light started to leave the sky, having spent the morning enjoying our pre run coffee and croissant and then running for ten miles all around Hyde Park, Holland Park and Kensington gardens in a glorious bright winter lit day…

‘The things I’d like this year’ I stated to Anadi as I sipped the delicious nectar – it seemed somehow fitting to continue with the resolution theme!… 

‘To keep living in London – to run and run – to spend time with you – to continue loving my work – to write… And… To run on beaches barefoot again! 

Oh – I’m living it! 

I’m living my life. 

This is the life I am creating.

In every moment, we are creating the life we are living from our source energy – which is creating universes and  from whence we are all born and our life flows from this place

Just the barefoot running on beaches and cocktails to bring in to the picture…!