Dear Diary; Miracles Occur from this Place

‘Everything changes but God changes not’

I grew up with these words an integral part of my being…

I loved this hymn, we sang it often when I was at my junior school in morning assembly.

The words had a profound effect on me even as a young child… I was already aware of our unchanging nature which is always there – witnessing, watching…


And as the years unfolded I learnt that when we experience the silence, the stillness within us and are able create the gap between the chatter of our mind and the concerns in our body – then we fully feel the flow of creation 

And know that everything is possible.

That we are eternal, there is no death… That we were never born and we can never die, and that we are here to experience the flow of life.

The source energy from whence we came is flowing always, the flow of life of which we all are a part of.

The hub of the wheel…

Us the spokes.

Sometimes we forget that we are all the hub and that we have created universes from that well spring and that we are the universes that we have created…

And so everything is possible.

We haven’t even approached tapping into the limitlessness of our potential, our energy that has the power of ten thousand suns…

Anadi and I were running about in the park this morning talking of these things. The magic of life. The power of fun, of joy of vitality.

It is all too easy to get consumed by the projections out into the world of despair and pain.

But when we have any awareness at all that everything is a reflection of us

So within – so without

Then all we must do is access the fun within the moments, and clear any pain that arises without attaching a narrative to it.

We feel to heal, as the emotions arise, we can clear clear clear – and resist the urge to loop the loop with our old stories – our old programmes and patterns; familiar but often without possibility 

So often we are pulled back into an abyss of fear and despair – just through reading a paper – or turning on the television…

If we do choose to read the news, it’s important to read it with a light touch

Believing nothing.

To your own self be true.

Watch your own inner barometer – when it strays away from the joy of the moment

This perfect shimmering moment, where all is well…

Then the process is simply to access again the barometer of fun, of the joy we feel in seeing the crocuses and snowdrops in the park, the magnolia bursting forth

The squirrels running

The green grass wet with delightful drops of dew

The sky blue.

A goose wandered leisurely across my path and I loved that goose, so perfect in every way.

For change in the world, for societal change we need a change in consciousness

to feel the joy, the love

To feel the fun

To connect to the vital life force within

Miracles occur from this place