There is no fear in love

Julia Chi Taylor

Piccadilly Circus was like Piccadilly Circus!

Boxing Day crowds jostled together on the pavements, shops all brightly lit, cafes and eateries spilling over; sale signs in the windows, some being stickered on as we passed by.

‘There’s a lot to be said for not reading the papers’, my brother had affirmed when we’d spoken on Christmas Day – having learned that I simply do an occasional fly by in a super market and glean a little something of what they are saying (on the front page anyway) 

I don’t tend to watch the television or listen to the radio…

And I find that my experience of life is a joyous one…

As it was today.

Anadi and I walked along the river past the London eye on the Southbank, and then cut through the Aldwych and Kingsway to the edge of Regents park before making our way back home via Piccadilly Circus… 

We met a lot of smiley people as we journeyed; full of the Christmas spirit of joy, of love and peace on earth…

‘There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out fear’

The message of Jesus

The message of Christmas

The journey to perfect love an inner one… Deeper and deeper into our own places of fear and pain and sorrow; healing them – loving them – freeing ourselves from fear to live here and now

A joyous life unfolds from this place; reflected back to us by all we meet 

I meet smiley people in the gym where I go most days

Smiley people in the cafes I frequent

Smiley people in the streets I walk down each day

On Christmas Day we ran in the parks in the morning and exchanged merry Christmas greetings with other runners and walkers; two horse drawn carriages went by, the occupants waving joyous Christmas cheer to all they passed.

The sound of horses hooves clip clopping along

Spreading love

We saw that Cafe Concerto was open on the Kings road…

And so once showered and dressed we went there for an impromptu Christmas lunch!

While we ate, Anadi and I were remembering Christmases past…

In the jungle of Costa Rica where Anadi proposed to me over cocktails!

On the beach in Thailand, where we could hardly eat a thing because our tummies were recovering from being so terribly ill!

As we travelled the world, we met smiley people in all of the lands

The planet our home

Everyone our friend.