Become the Run

julia Chi Taylor

I like running intervals in the park

And so I keep running them

For now

While I have the legs and heart that are willing to run, still…

I circled Battersea Park today under burnished golden red green leaves, trees tall and strong – sky grey… I ran

For now I live here, near the park which I raced around before

Where I ran and ran – in races and on the track

I ran to chase something I already had

I ran ‘to’ become

But I already was, I just didn’t know that then

I run still – and now there is a shift – in every step I run ‘and’ become 


Nothing has changed except that I now know that I am going nowhere

There is nothing and no where to run to

Except to transcend the self

To know the burnished golden leaf, the river that flows, the bird that swoops…

To transform through the endeavour of stretching the physical limitations, without attachment to what this brings in terms of fruits of the labour.

Living life as a process rather than with an eye on the outcome is fun.

Running intervals in the park without a perception of ‘me’ – with no perception of the person at all is the ultimate fun.

One step only

A meditation on the move

It is why I keep returning to the park to run around it again and again

Running – freedom – as the run takes over and silence is all there is, within

I run to become

The run

Not knowing where it is taking me

Life a continuous movement, where every moment we are different 

And yet the same unchanging nature is at the centre and circumference of our being 

The awareness of the futility of being anxious about the results of practising to run fast in bursts around a park washed me clean  as the years went by – I was always aware of being pulled by this chimera

And what remains once it left…

Is the fun of running intervals around a park to see how fast I can run!

Dear Diary; Teeming With Life and Potential

It’s late on Thursday afternoon, and I have been walking about, along the Kings road again; I walk about a lot now.

In this new phase of life, I like walking… I like journeying somewhere or nowhere.

I have often been happier journeying than arriving; perhaps because there is nowhere to arrive to.

There is no destination

No place to stop


I like travelling, the space between; existence, no thought, no thing to say


There is only the inward journey to the centre point of silence  which is teeming with life and creativity… Silent, still, full of potential, awareness and aliveness.

We can experience everything, anything or

No thing 

From here.

This morning I ran intervals on the grass at Battersea Park… I love running fast; intervals can challenge at a very core level, because they ask me to be in the step without thought; and to stay still within the effort, the demand, the power and energy of the step.

Sometimes intervals are too hard

Sometimes life is too hard…

And yet we keep taking the next step – even if we have stopped – the step happens as the world turns… Time as we know it keeps moving and so to do we.

And yet there is no time

There is only now

Time an illusion

There is no time, and so nothing is moving… The real challenge is to be still within the illusion of movement.

Within the journey of this life; and to create from that centre point teeming with life, potential – energy.

Whatever we would like to experience…

In August last year, I experienced doing a handstand again, for the first time in thirty five years. I hadn’t been able to do one for all those years, because of my troublesome left side.

But I wrote it down ( in 2012!) as something I wanted to experience again…

I wonder if anything that I write down, as long as it comes from the core of my being – will happen?

That I will get to experience it in the body….