Dear Diary; ‘I wish I’d lived True to Myself…’

Sunny spring day, warm too – a day full of vitality and possibility, a joyous spring day.

It knows nothing of distress or despair, depression or fear this day…

It just is, existence.

I lay on my back on a bench in the park… I was doing some crunches as part of the rather exacting circuit that Anadi and I have started to practise again on a Monday!

‘This is quite tough’ I had panted as we were half way through it… ‘Who set it?’ Anadi laughed…

But for a moment I was just lying on my back – I watched the little pink flowers on the tree above me…

Pink and lacy, fragile and bursting with life


We are it, we are part of everything – our unique vibration a part of everything -an integral part of everything – without us the world is incomplete, without our true expression, the world misses out.

When we know this we can be still, be at ease and be at home wherever we are.

Knowing that there is no need to stress or worry

Instead, we are here to just be, here and now.

A Labrador came trotting into the park, head held high, its gait strong and springy… A woman followed – a baby on the way, not long til it’s here…

‘He’s got a new friend coming soon’ I said as Anadi and I watched the dog enjoying the morning, the moment, as it investigated the park it knows so well, but every smell, everything new today…

She took out her phone and her dog stopped in front of her while she took his photo…

‘He posed for his photo’ I laughed.

School children started to amble through the park – some altercation happened between a teacher – who had appeared at the gate – with some of the young students, and then they were gone and the park was empty again.

The firm mud under my feet cool and delightful as the rope sped under me… My skipping seemed to have done a jump in improvement… 

Anadi and I laughed as we played together in the early spring sun .

On Sunday ( the day before) we ran about on the grass and in the woods in Richmond Park, Anadi took his Xero shoes off (sandals for barefoot running) and we both ran about with feet naked.

More playing.

We stopped to watch a small gang of male deer playing too; butting one another; running about; rolling in the mud…

How will they ever get clean? I queried…!

Life is a play, so why not play?

Have fun

Do what you truly want

The top death bed regret is this

‘I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me’.

Be yourself 

Or the world misses out