We are The World

A brand new day

Never have we lived this day


I listen to the sounds around me

I take them inside me and this moment expands into infinity

As I write this blog, I remember it is the birth day of two friends

I have forgotten exactly how many years they have been here in this incarnation!

I have trouble remembering my own years now!

But it doesn’t matter at all, when we stay with the day, the new day

Brand new

It is all there is – and in each moment we are ageless

We are souls on a human journey – yes we are in a body that ages and dies

But our spirit is ageless and eternal

I bought some tickets last week for an exhibition at the Natural History museum, to go to during the Christmas holiday…

I realised that I haven’t been there since I was a child.

I bought two tickets, an adult one for Anadi and a Senior one for me!

I’ve missed out all the adult years… 

The last ticket I had was a child one

In a flash they are gone – those earth years – and this body has changed

A different form entirely to the one of that child

That one has gone!

Bodies change throughout our lifetime – and then they decay and die

As bodies always do

But this moment spreads out into infinity

Spirit never dies

And in each moment when we stop and listen 

When we look around, close our eyes and take the whole room, the whole town or city inside us – the whole of the world and all of humanity with all its pain and joy and feel it all deep within us

We can experience the wholeness – and that we are one…

There is no separation

We feel the essence of us in every other soul – the part that was never born and never dies

And know

We are the world