I like the word transcendence…

I like its form and its sound…

‘Transcendence’ – to go beyond….

The body, the mind, limitations – to go beyond…

To realise our true nature…

Our true nature, which is always there… It can express through the body and the mind and all that we are; but awareness is there between our thoughts.

It is there when we are silent, no words being spoken, no actions occurring

It is always there

We are 

I am 

Each of our journeys of self discovery will be unique, even though the core truths that are revealed are the same…

Transcendence occurs as we dissolve the separate ego… There is no magic formula to experience this, other than presence in each moment; an alert and non judgemental attentiveness to our every thought word and deed…

Through this practise, we experience the centre that is unchanging, still, calm

The still small voice of calm…

I always loved the hymn

‘Speak through the earthquake, wind and fire;
Oh still small voice of calm…’

These words said it all to me as i was growing up, singing the hymn in assembly at school…

And as we discover who we truly are, life takes on a different perspective… We experience the mystery, the learning the fun, the growth, the adventure with no purpose other than to stay in each step, here and now and delight in each moment,,,

All that is…

There is no beginning or end to who we are.

We are

I am

We are the energy that flows

And we become the flow of our expression – we are the run, the dance, the song itself

We are transcendent – we are free of believing there is an end, and that there was a beginning to who we are 

And we know we are 

Always and forever 


The ego dissolves and the adventure begins

The joy of expansive beauty, peace everlasting – a beautiful view – our spirits uplifted during meditation – is the same being who cries and thinks too much and feels pain and frustration

‘I am’ is always there, while the feelings and thoughts rise and fall on the screen of this existence, but ‘we are’, always 

And forever 

We are 

I am