Dear Diary, Piccadilly Circus

I like it at Piccadilly Circus – it’s rather ‘like Piccadilly Circus’!

There is much activity, much to ing and fro ing… Lots of animation – people meeting people; and chatting away over coffees and food… Sitting at desks, around tables…Planning things, exploring things, en visioning things..

Creativity in motion all around me at Piccadilly Circus.

Yesterday I was sitting in a cafe – (now there’s a surprise) – and six young men appeared for their lunch… They told me that they are working on a big building project nearby; they are the electricians there, and they came in freezing cold… 

‘I wish I could put my toes in my coffee to warm them up’ one announced… He then turned to me and told me that he is doing a B tech in psychology… that he wants to change his life

‘What do you do…?’ He asked me.

After listening to me attempt to say what I do… (43 years of doing it hasn’t left me any more articulate in explaining it; my clients call it all different things and say that the best thing is to experience it….)

How did you get into that? He asked…‘Do you want the long answer’…I laughed ‘Or the Julia’s career path reduced’?

And so it came to pass that I spent an hour chatting to the three who were sitting nearest to me – about my life and how it lead me here – and theirs too.

As they came to leave they all shook my hand – the one I was sitting next to told me I was beautiful… And it is often said that London isn’t friendly.

I experience friendliness wherever I go.

Of course there are the souls that appear to be closed and on auto pilot – but that is everywhere in the world; not just London town.

Everything is new again for me…

 I belong to Pure Gym which is a chain, and here I have one directly below my new work space… I went to train there today – and wandered about lost… Eventually finding my way into the changing room – then having as many problems finding my way out…!

Running on the treadmill was a safe option for not getting lost 🙂

Nomad life trained me well for changing my whole life in a trice…

But everything has always seemed new to me anyway… Even when it is the same.

Anadi and I were chatting the other day about seeing people when they don’t know you’ve seen them… ‘You always look still, and present from afar’, I said to him…

‘You always look present too’, he replied… ‘But you also look like you’ve just arrived on planet earth and are seeing it for the first time! – Like it’s a new land, and you don’t know the rules or what you are supposed to be doing’…

I laughed

‘That’s about it,’ I replied… ‘I have always had trouble learning the rules…’!