Dear Diary; Multiplicity and Unity

Anadi and I spent last weekend walking about, walking and walking, and talking and not talking…

Through the parks and streets of London Town… Walking and watching and being with the crowds of other people, who were walking and talking too… Runners running and cyclists whizzing by… ‘I  reckon 2021 is going to be my best season ever…!’

People meandering by… ‘He had to marry me, if I’d found out what he was like, I’d have left – so he had to marry me to make me stay… ‘

Catching snippets of conversation… 

‘We’d only been dating for two weeks, what the f…k

People sitting on park benches, and gathered in little groups, some leaning against a wall on the pavement, the bright sunlight warming their faces … Eating pizzas and pastries, clutching cups of coffee and hot chocolate – one picnic with Prosecco in proper wine glasses…

All of us united by experiencing this life, this day, this time in history… 2020 babies will be known, like war babies and baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and now we are in a new era …

But there is no separation between me and thee, whenever and wherever we were born into this world…You and I 

If we remember this, even when it isn’t yet the experience – then it is easier to remember to be mindful

In each moment

Of what we put into the space between

This space that separates and divides – that is an illusion

Because there is a oneness to us all…

Consciousness experiencing itself…

Whenever we were born, whatever we think – what belief we hold, what opinion we like to express… We are much more than the thoughts we think, the words we speak, the roles we play, the identity we often cling to so firmly and rigidly…

When we remember that this illusion of light and dark, of good and bad, of unity and divide is an illusion… Then even if everything seems so real, so up or down, so good or bad, so happy or sad, so harmonious and then disharmonious – from one moment to the next… 

If we keep remembering that we are one

You and I…

‘I am that I am’

The I of God, of consciousness, of Love from which we all came – the Am that is the experience of all that is… I Am


We all are 

I Am

Then the separateness that created the I that feels separate, rather than the I that is the consciousness within and without, the Love within and without, can remember that we are all one

And eventually the illusion of separation vanishes 

And we experience our unity

Our infinite awareness.

We come home to our self

Our true essence which is always witnessing the play out of our energy

In the mirror of everyone and everything – and we can rest in this mirror like awareness… Rather than feeling there is ‘us and them’, or ‘me against a hostile world’ – instead we can  experience the unity within us – the unity within the multiplicity of this existence

On the place we call planet Earth