Dear Diary, Moving Meditating

My new office is a perfect commute distance… Exactly four miles door to door.

It takes just as long to travel by public transport as to run.

And so, having organised myself with all that is necessary here, to make sure I am ‘clean for my clients’, I have been running to work and running back again.

I keep getting confused in the underpass at Hyde park corner…The young guy who lives there has been helpfully directing me… ‘No miss that way for Hyde Park’… And the other day, he called after me ‘Miss you want Hyde Park… And this morning ‘That way for Green Park Miss…’

You wouldn’t think it was that difficult!

It feels like a space of no time. 

Emerging onto the street in the morning, and finding myself propelled along the King’s road, through Hyde Park, into Green Park and then I see Eros welcoming me from on high.

And the same for my return journey…Padding along in the dark, weaving my way through all the people on the streets.

In my own space.

A meditation on the move amongst the bustle and noise and activity of Central London Streets.

Where I am all alone, silent, just me alone with everyone else…

All one

I like being alone in a crowd of humans

All one

Together moving through the busy streets, and winter tree lined parks of London. I like being alone with people all around, together with each other, alone…

All one.

All of us born of the same consciousness.


Teeming with all there is, unrealised creativity, waiting to manifest into whatever hasn’t been yet realised… Limitless possibility arising from the silence within

All one

And I am all alone, following the stops on the tube.

Journeying home

Piccadilly – Green Park – Hyde Park corner – Knightsbridge… And back the way I came, along the King’s road

In joyous celebration of a moving meditation

Letting the running take me where it will

Becoming running…

As I run along alone in a crowd of humans.