Dear Diary, Love is the only truth

We are awareness, pure awareness – pure consciousness – experiencing a brief period here.

The human journey is but a flash, a flash in the vastness of our eternal nature…

If we remember at all times that we are pure awareness: if we remember that love is all there is and anything else at all is but an illusion – we will not feel fear.

And, we would not be available to be controlled or manipulated or herded like sheep.


When we identify with who we think we are: our name, our identity our job our beliefs our culture… When we identify with our ego, then we are putty in the hands of anyone who wants to threaten our survival…


When we know we are consciousness, then there is no fear…

For there is no death.

There is no fight for survival, there is only an awareness of love and infinite space. 

The only requirement of the spiritual warrior of light, is that they stay centred at all times.

That they settle any inner wobble immediately and return to the moment.


There is only now, this moment, and we must live it fully.

There never were any gyms, restaurants cafes – they never existed.

Not in this moment.

Now… Which is all there is…

Our experience is a reflection of our inner state, and when we identify with our identity rather than with consciousness – then we are available for manipulations, and susceptible to act from fear and panic rather than from truth and pure love.


Safety is within us….

The only safety is the silence within

Our eternal nature – which is always still, it is always quiet and it is always silent.

Pure love…

This is what will heal the world.