Dear Diary, Conversations With a Bodhisattva

Today I hosted my first ever Satsang.

It was such a joy, such fun to see everyone gather.

It was online – Josie had asked me if I would do one, a gentle encouragement in a WhatsApp message.

I said yes, knowing that once I had committed, both feet in, then I would do it…

It is how my life has always been…

‘Yes’, I say, to some new plan, a new idea, a new adventure…

Which way will I go next?

‘Yes’, I say to something…

Let’s shed all our possessions 


Lets travel around world


Lets run barefoot across Spain


Lets do a Satsang on line


And so it came to pass…

That me and 25 others gathered together – we zoomed in from all different parts of the country, the globe…

Jess my niece in Japan zoomed in too, what a delightful surprise that was…

And so we gathered together – to be together – to work together – to raise our vibration of love and so let it shine in the world.

Love is the only truth

Eternal love

Infinite love

Everything else an illusion.

We make a difference in the world by sharing our love

By being love