Dear Diary; Citius Altius Fortius

It’s nice to sit on the grass alone; in the sun. 

The hum of traffic nearby;

Music too

Pigeons  gathered on the ground under the tree; they know that people are picnicking on their takeaway lunch while drinking their takeaway coffee, and matcha…

Matcha- beyond is just beyond where I am sitting, alone on the grass.

Green cookies, green oats, green grass. Matcha matcha everywhere, and also delicious to drink! ( as long as it’s with honey! 🙂 

What happens when ambition runs out, what happens then…?

What is the point then, when all the enthusiasm to achieve and ‘get there’ is done, finished, its come to the end of its own road?

What then? In this life of upward and onward, bigger and better and further…

This life of Citius altius Fortius, faster higher stronger – a motto created for its moral beauty.

What when morality falls away, and conditioning and control.

What then?

Are we ready to surrender our acts to the divine…?

Anything done with stress about the results is less, than any work done in a state of presence, relaxation, ease.

This truth is a known truth, but a hard one to live in this world of more and more, and then even more.

Stretching for excellence is my understanding of the true beauty of the meaning of Olympic ideal; and this is different to striving from a place of anxiety and stress…

Finding out what is possible without attachment to the outcome, or any ideas that the outcome will somehow make us superior or inferior .

We are inspired when we see someone performing at the highest level, we are often inspired by the beauty and seeming effortlessness of it; the hours and hours and hours of practise distilled into what we are witnessing there in front of us…

Practise with presence

Practise practise practise, and the road never ends; the journey continues.

Ambition transcends itself to become our art in motion; ourselves in motion 

Sharing surrendering silent 

Becoming always from the inside out

Citius Altius Fortius

Even in my case, in the expression of my art – the art of running – as I become slower.

I feel myself to be becoming Citius Altius Fortius in each moment

Here and now

As I sit on the grass in the sun

Surrendering my acts to the divine…